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28th May - 3rd June 2017

£869 ~ £100 deposit

For those that want to improve or learn a new skill, but already have some foundation knowledge in modelling with sugarpaste.

The beauty of us having a week together to create these projects is that we can work on them as we need to, giving items a chance to dry between processes. It also means having the time to make sure you are happy with the process and having a chance to re-do bits you are not happy with first time around.

You will be free to take notes and pictures to help you with replicating your projects, but you will also get exclusive access to Rhu's on-line tutorials once you have completed the classes.

The main project of the week is the bride and groom and working on faces and clothing. We start the week by focusing on the facial features, building up skills to enable you to achieve great faces when making your bride and groom and fairy.

Bride and Groom Workshop

Create a standing bride and groom, with a simple internal armature, allowing you to pose your figures. Learn how to dress your figures, deconstruct clothing and make a pattern to work to, have the time to perfect faces and hands, learn about proportions, create different hair styles, bouquets, take time to get the face right without the pressure of time running out. You are always welcome to work on your projects outside of class time - if you do this you will notice huge improvements in your work, as they say - practice makes perfect. However you do not need to feel that you need to work outside of the class times.

Bring your own images to work to, or simply make a generic couple and learn how to bring your characters to life. With the skills you learn on this masterclass you are likely to find yourself getting more orders and able to command a good price for your work.

We will ensure you have plenty of packaging to get your figures home safely. Just leave some space in your packing to accommodate them.

Standing Fairy Figure

Using a more complex internal structure and standing on a board you will make a simple body which you can then cloth using a variety of mediums including cake lace, flower paste, wafer paper and gelatine.

As with all courses, all tools and equipment are provided at no extra cost.

Included in the price is :

Five days of classes


Welcome Basket

All meals at the gite - homecooked

Free pick-up and drop-off to Limoges Airport

All tools and equipment

A chance to 'play' with other equipment such as Airbrushes and Cake Lace

(flights are not included)